Information about research that is funded by this office may be found by performing searches on our database. The following options provide access to the data by varying means. In order to create a search query, please fill in the following field(s) with data that most closely match your search criteria, then press the Perform Search button.

1. Search results include only those projects assigned to CDMRP for management.
2. All projects within a given program may not be available until the award has been finalized.
3. Analysis of data presented on this site may be limited based on searching capability, timing and availability of appropriate research codes.
4. Some search fields allow for multiple selection, press and hold the "Ctrl" key to select multiple options, or "Shift" to select a range of multiple options.

Please note that search time may vary depending on the complexity of your search criteria.

Due to technical issues, the search awards feature is not able to display new awards made after November 1, 2022
as well as any updates to awards made prior to November 2022. While these technical issues are being corrected with the search page feature, please refer to the PDFs posted below for information on each FY22 award (e.g., Proposal Title, Current PI and abstracts).

FY22 Awards Public Abstracts (3.6 MB)
FY22 Awards Technical Abstracts (4.6 MB)



The CDMRP Search function sorts through our database of funded research abstracts. To search research progress reports, go to (external link).