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Joint Warfighter Medical Program Annual Report

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The Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program (JWMRP) augments and accelerates high priority Department of Defense (DoD) and Service medical requirements, serving to continue both Congressionally-directed and core* prior year medical research and development initiatives that are close to achieving their objectives and yielding a benefit to military medicine.  The JWMRP complements the Defense Medical Research and Development Program (DMRDP) and also addresses the requirements and needs of our advanced product development community by facilitating further maturation of promising medical solutions through the acquisition process to get products to the Warfighter.

Each year, a broad spectrum of research and product development efforts are considered for funding under the JWMRP. The research is aligned to one of the six DMRDP Joint Program Committee (JPC) scientific domains listed below:

The U.S. Congress first appropriated funds for the JWMRP in Fiscal Year (FY) 2012. From FY 2012 – 2018, 216 awards or award modifications have been funded through the JWMRP in two major project categories: demonstration/validation and advanced technology development. Demonstration/validation projects focus on the demonstration and validation of performance parameters of potential products to support their transition toward clinical utility. Projects in advanced technology development focus on systematic application of knowledge toward the production of potential medical solutions. By supporting both demonstration/validation efforts and advanced technology development, the JWMRP offers a pathway for transitioning promising medical solutions from the laboratory toward the clinic for the benefit of our Service Members, other military health system beneficiaries, and the American public.

To date, the JWMRP has supported research projects across a number of research topics and disciplines and has included product development efforts in drug, vaccine, and device development, spanning the phases of clinical research, as well as efforts in the development of knowledge products in support of clinical practices.

*Core prior year initiatives included in Congressional language beginning in FY18

Congressional Appropriations

Congressional Appropriations

  • $570 million
  • $25 million

Funding Summary


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Expedited delivery of highly impactful and effective military medical solutions


Support the logical continuation of DOD-funded research and development projects that augment and accelerate high-priority medical requirements to meet the needs of Service Members and other Military Health System beneficiaries

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